alright alright

...using rock n roll hooks to feed your science fiction appetites since 2008

The brainchild of singer/songwriter Michael Sweeney, Alright Alright came together through a most serendipitous process of selective Craigslisting and personal referrals. Since then, Alright Alright has released a nice slate of records through their label Hive-Mind Records. EPK available on request.

Loud, live and lyrical, Alright Alright is the self-described "promptest band in the business." Inviting comparisons to Talking Heads, Guided By Voices and The B-52's, Alright Alright specializes in two-and-a-half minute hook-fueled super-pop numbers to dance to: stories of monsters in love, zombie apocalypsi, and outer-space visitors bearing gifts for the redneck townies that shoot at them.

Alright Alright is

Michael Sweeney
Cleo Marie German
Jeff Springer
Brent Wroten
Ryan Seaton